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Freitag, 15. Mai 2015

Continue to differ

"The idea is not at all that everyone will arrive at the same
conclusions, or even to “agree to differ.” If successful, the enabling constraints
have placed the coming event on an entirely different plane than that of debate
or discussion. Rather, the hope is that the ways in which we differ will pass
together through the generative filter of the enabling frame—that we will
continue to differ—all the more so—but together, for the moment at least, in
creatively “impolite” but not disqualificatory ways. The hope is that together we
can invent new modes of academic and artistic encounter that don’t endlessly
reproduce the same critical debate model, and that those new ways might
contribute, in some small way, to a change in the culture of intellectual and
artistic “exchange.”

Brian Massumi 

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  1. A comment to the last days:
    Referring to Massumi's excerpt down, what he describes so clearly it is exactly what didn't happen in this amazing proposal and original idea because how can we invent 'new modes of critical debate' if we didn't had the possibility to together discuss (not to change them but to understand them) each mode. The moment on that one mode takes over, then the process stops and it stops to be observed and felt like 'a together' but more a manipulative act produced by the external machinery where everybody tries its best to make it function. The jump from studio sharing into the performance space was not worked out in accordance, in order to avoid conflict with the planned machinery my mouth shuts, knowing from professional experience what is about to come. How to enable each statement occur if there is no 'real' allowance to listen carefully each statement, contextualize it, hear it and look at it. The transference from studio into performance space, was careless was a demand which no one not even me dared to put in question, for respect and consideration. Like an act of transplantation, organs suddenly displaced from its original organism, losing their souls. It is like the function of an organ, each organ have their individual function and role but without the connection to the organism that contains it, the organ start to enter in constant failures and will die.


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